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At The TrainMaster we are dedicated to pursuing excellence.

We take great pride in our craftsman kits.  We use the highest quality products and details, include thorough instructions with dozens of pictures, provide web-based support with how-to videos and offer world-class customer service.

Kits are limited production runs and offer all the materials and details needed to finish a scene.

QuicKits are single structures that can be completed in an evening or two and allow the modeler to finish the scene with their own details.

Listed below are the Kits and QuicKits.  Please click on the picture to learn more, browse the photo gallery and how-to videos, or purchase.

QuicKit #4, Yard Bunkhouse, our latest kit, is now available.

Currently, all Kits and QuicKits are offered in HO scale.   Additional scales will be coming soon.

Please note: The design and production of these products is the intellectual property of The TrainMaster, LLC.  Any attempt to commercially copy and/or reproduce these products in any way will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all applicable laws.

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